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Bram (greyhound)

second name:
Bram is a beautiful Brindle boy. He is carrying an old injury which makes him limp after too much exercise (perfect for the inactive versions of us adopters :-) )
Has been living in foster homes for the past couple of months and is fully adapted to life as a pet. Fully vaccinated/passport and microchip as well as neutered. Bram is now staying in GHIN HQ with (currently) 5 other dogs and has no issues at all. Learned very fast his order of getting fed. No aggression at all towards the others, 3 of whom are male, very friendly and affectionate. He has been seen smiling in the special way that the greys have but sadly no pics of that - yet - and he is very appreciative of seeing you in the morning or if you have been away. Loves his food and his bed - and walks too but go easy on them. This boy is ideal as he is not destructive so far in any of the 3 homes he has lived in and can cope with being left behind, although we have not tried him on his own since his first foster home, where he was fine but would sprinkle a bit from nerves - but was happy in a crate if necessary., With another dog would be perfect. Very friendly with teenagers but we believe that he will be good with all ages of children. Definitely no to cats though as he has a high drive against them.
Generally a greyhound who is very easy to manage. Do you want to adopt Bram? Please get in touch.
date of birth:2014-05-10
chip: yes
tattoo: PT BQA
vacinated: yes
neutered: yes
possible arrival: je v ČR
status: safe in home


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threatened death or deprivation in their country of origin, Ireland.