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Solstice (greyhound)

second name:
Solstice came to us on 23rd Dec 2017 because the owner believed that he had broken his hock and so he was no good. He was brought to the vets to be "Put to Sleep". He actually has no injury and had only banged his leg in play like all puppies do. He is a big puppy and full of fun and energy but so so froiendly and intelligent. He knew his name in less than 1 week, is very clean in the house and gets on with all dogs he has encountered. Nor is he destructive in the house at all and has no stress issues. He will make a superb pet but perhaps not for children less than 7 years old because he is so playful.
date of birth:2017-05-09
chip: yes
tattoo: yes
vacinated: 7-in-1, Rabies
neutered: no
possible arrival:
status: safe in home


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