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Panda (lurcher)

second name:
Offering unlimited and unrestricted love and affection and loyalty to the right home <3 Available for immediate adoption within Ireland or internationally after 15th Feb 2018. Panda is a very loving and playful little lurcher girl who came to us in a round-about way from Ashton pound. She was been home living with a working couple who brought her to dog training and vets and really looked after her every needs, even bringing her to work with them. She is however a high energy girl at the moment and would get bored to easily and so become unsettled and unwelcome at work :( We were asked if we can help find her a more appropriate home and so she came to us. She is spayed, passported, microchipped and vaccinated and good on the lead also. What she needs are - plenty of exercise and space, lots of attention <3 If with another dog then it will need to be tolerant as she is overly playful as all pups are. We think not suitable for children under 10, small dogs or cats. High fences also a must in our considered opinion. UPDATE - Panda does NOT have separation anxiety as we previously stated and in fact will just curl up and sleep and find her calmness - she is perfectly fine on her own at home but becomes needy when people ARE there, seeking constant attention. :) So go on! Why Not give her all the attention? You know you want to, and she will grow out of being a puppy really soon <3
date of birth:2017-01-23
color:Reddish Fawn
chip: yes
vacinated: 7-in-1, Rabies
neutered: yes
possible arrival:
status: safe in home


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