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Judy (greyhound)

second name:
Weight: 25Kgs - Height: cms
Greyhounds general temperament: Easy going and affectionate
Greyhounds temperament around children: No issues with children
Compatibility with other breeds: Coming from an environment where she regularly interacts with a Jack Russel breed and has never shown aggression, Has also experience of interacting with medium sized dogs
Temperament around cats: Not coming from an environment where she would have interacted with cats
Attributes which suggest that greyhound will make a wonderful pet: A very friendly and outgoing lady who adores human interaction, A greyhound who is full of life but is easy to manage when she is being walked on a lead Has had experience of living in a home environment and really enjoys life as a house pet, Has all the characteristics to suggest that she will make a great pet
Greyhounds medical history: Broke a toe some time back which has fully healed, Old injury does not affect her in any way
date of birth:2016-01-26
chip: yes
tattoo: Yes
vacinated: 7-in-1, Rabies, kennel cough
neutered: yes
possible arrival: 3/2018
status: safe in home


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