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Shana (greyhound)

second name:Rathsilla Babe
Weight: 33.5Kgs
General Temperament: Outgoing and extremely friendly lady
Temperament around children: No issues in the company of children
Temperament around other breeds of dog: Coming from an environment where she would have regularly interacted with a cavalier breed
Temperament around cats: Not compatible with cats
Other information: A well built lady who is showing all the hallmarks to suggest that she will make a great pet, Friendly and affection and loves to be the centre of attention, Befriends people very quickly, Should adapt quickly into any new environment
Medical history: In perfect health
date of birth:0000-00-00
chip: yes
tattoo: yes
vacinated: yes
neutered: yes
possible arrival:
status: safe in home


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Our Project is Focused on Greyhounds and Lurcher Rescue and Adoption
threatened death or deprivation in their country of origin, Ireland.