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Chanelle (greyhound)

second name:
Chanelle is pup number 5 from a litter born on 1st Sept 2017 Her mammy broke this little ones stiffle joint by walking on it when she was getting in and out of the whelping box. She is very friendly and mobile, in fact you would not thing that there was ever an injury because she runs and jumps like any normal puppy. She is so sweet and will get her passport this week and so be ready to travel by the latter part of March.
date of birth:2017-09-01
chip: yes
tattoo: SD VKB
vacinated: yes
neutered: no
possible arrival: 5 / 2018
status: safe in home


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Our Project is Focused on Greyhounds and Lurcher Rescue and Adoption
threatened death or deprivation in their country of origin, Ireland.