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Kane (lurcher)

second name:
Kane is a fantastic boy and very friendly. Loves to have his mad dash every time he leaves his kennel and then runs straight over to wherever the human is and leans in for a good run and to get praise. So clean inside as well, it would not surprise us if he had been a pet previously. He has an amazing colour to his eyes also, almost hazel. Cat and small dogs tests to happen during June. Kane also loves to throw a ball and he does bring it back for you to throw again. He doesn't watch where he is running though and almost knocked me over once :) Because of this reason only we would say not for smaller children. Kane will make a fantastic companion for whomever adopts him.
date of birth:2015-05-29
chip: yes
tattoo: no
vacinated: yes
neutered: yes
possible arrival: 9 / 2018
status: safe in home


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Our Project is Focused on Greyhounds and Lurcher Rescue and Adoption
threatened death or deprivation in their country of origin, Ireland.