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Evelyn (greyhound)

second name:Beavers Lake
Born in Sept 2015 Evelyn comes to us due to an observation made of her by a good friend of ours who thought that she could do better by getting a new home. The owner agreed and so our friend picked her up and brought her half way where we met her. She is on the thin side and appears to have some mild deformity (old injury?) to her back leg. She gets her name from the Tattoos in one ear, EVL. Now that she is eating better she is very playful and such a sweet girl. Yes she likes to check out all the counters and bags - nosey longnose :)
date of birth:2015-09-08
color:White and Fawn
chip: yes
tattoo: QQ EVL
vacinated: yes
neutered: yes
possible arrival: 9 / 2018
status: safe in home


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Our Project is Focused on Greyhounds and Lurcher Rescue and Adoption
threatened death or deprivation in their country of origin, Ireland.