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Fáilte (greyhound)

second name:Beavers Loch
Fáilte is one of three sisters that came to us on 22nd Feb 2019 and are also sisters to Evelyn who found her home through us in 2018. She is a stunning looking light creamy coloured 3 and a half year old girl. Initially fearful of people and things new but this passes very quickly, which is really why she has her name. She gives a wonderful welcome every occasion she can get. She kennels with her 2 sisters at the moment and all are very clean indeed. She will not leave her kennel doorway until she has been sufficiently greeted in return. Her initially timid nature should diminish with time and socialisation as these sadly seem to have been lacking for the whole family. She will be a super companion (and can you imagine the wonderful coats and collars and tassels you can adorn her with ;) )
date of birth:2015-09-08
color:Light Fawn
chip: Yes
tattoo: QQ UEY
vacinated: 7-in-1, rabies
neutered: yes
possible arrival:
status: safe in home


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