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Gill (greyhound)

second name:Druids Sky High
Height (cm - ground to top of shoulder): 65 cms

Weight (kg): 25kg

General description of temperament/personality: Friendly and curious little one, loves making friends

Temperament around/ interacting with children: hasn’t been around small children so unsure,

Temperament around small and large breeds of dog: gets on well with all animals big and small on the farm.

Temperament around cats: there are cats on the farm and doesn’t seem to pay any attention to them,

Attributes which suggest that your greyhound will make a wonderful pet: she is a happy and affectionate pet and would make a great family pet.

Medical history (including information of all old race injuries/issues): No known injuries
date of birth:2015-08-07
chip: yes
tattoo: yes
vacinated: yes
neutered: yes
possible arrival:
status: safe in home


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