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Spook (greyhound)

second name:
Spook came to us in May along with her sister and brother. All were brought to our vet to be put to sleep. None were ever raced or even named and were not very well socialised and we felt that we could not put them forward for adoption just yet. Now however we feel that yes she is ready to become someones cherished companion as she has lost much of her nervousness and likes people and attention when she can trust them. These photos show this progression very well from her first day with us, to some photos taken during July and finally some taken in August. Finally we can introduce Spook has a place in our #GHINFamily, does she have a place in yours?
date of birth:2017-12-07
color:Black and White
chip: yes
tattoo: TB SHM
vacinated: yes
neutered: yes
possible arrival: září 2019
status: safe in home


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