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Snoopy (greyhound)

second name:Ketch Up Snoopy
Snoopy looks far older than his years. We were asked by the owner if we could find a home for Snoopy. When first we met him we went to the vets as they were just down the road from where we collected Snoopy. We were petting him as you do while waiting and as soon as we stopped he would put up the paw for us to continue. He will climb into your lap if you encourage him enough. Needless to say he also stole our hearts immediately. He is a very friendly boy and would suit most homes. Has even grown up around toddlers. He is perfect with our Jack Russell but yet to be tested with cats.
If you would like to offer Snoopy your home then please do email us at
date of birth:2016-02-28
color:Black with a white bib
chip: yes
tattoo: yes
vacinated: yes
neutered: yes
possible arrival: jaro 2020
status: safe in home


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