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Smurf (greyhound)

second name:Turf Mor
Height : 75cm
Children : We don't recommenfd for younger than 12 year olds.
Small Dogs : Not Tested as of 12/07/2020
Cats : Not Tested as of 12/07/2020
Injuries : No bones ever broken however he may have had muscle or ligament damage because he has a slight tightness to his walk in his hind quarters. Nothing to worry about and certainly doesn't impact any of his abilities.
Character : Smurf is a fine strong big boy who loves to play hard. Probably what may be described as a mans dog. He uses his body and throws it around like a collie or labrador :D He likes to have his human praise him and pat him and basically play with him and push and pull and all normal things associated with other breeds. Definitely suited to an active and energetic family. Saying all this, he is very well behaved with all our other greys and hasn't tried to dominate or argue with any. He is clean in his kennel and so far not overly vocal. We know that his family is out there. Are you perhaps it?
Other Info : 972274000338167
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Great Hounds in Need are Registered Sellers or Suppliers of Pet Animals, reg # VPT200001C, in accordance with Animal Health and Welfare Regulations 2019
date of birth:2016-05-03
color:Black and White
chip: 972274000338167
tattoo: RT VLA
vacinated: yes
neutered: yes
possible arrival: březen 2021

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pejsek v útulku - obrázek
pejsek v útulku - obrázek
pejsek v útulku - obrázek


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