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Jethro (greyhound)

second name:Cashel Jet
Children : Not tested by us
Small Dogs : Okay
Cats : Not at first but possibly trainable.
Injuries : Broken hock on back right leg
Character : Jethro is a big loveable boy with a very soft and easy nature. He is always happy and takes everything in his stride. No issues with other dogs, was clean in his kennel and now in a foster home until his real family find him here. When we did his cat test it looked like he would pass it but after being among the cats for a while he decided to be interested in one of them in particular. We think that he is trainable. His broken hock is not a life destroying injury and he can run and jump and play as any normal pet can. He "may" have a slight limp after too much exercise but for normal life he is perfect.
Other Info : 972274000488661
Enquiries to
Great Hounds in Need are Registered Sellers or Suppliers of Pet Animals, reg # VPT200001C, in accordance with Animal Health and Welfare Regulations 2019
date of birth:2018-06-11
color:Black and White
chip: 972274000488661
tattoo: TP TLD
vacinated: yes
neutered: yes
possible arrival: září 2020
status: reserved


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