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Ralph (greyhound)

second name:None - pup #1 from the litter
Height : 74cm approx.
Children : Should be okay but preferably older than 7 years
Small Dogs : Yes okay
Cats : Was tested when he first arrived but he was just too nervous with all the changes in his life that he ignored the cats.
Injuries : None that we know of
Character : We were asked to find a home for Ralph as the owner was getting out of racing. He is a wonderful character once he gets past his initial shyness (doesn't take long) He has lived in the house with us since day one and is very clean and not marking territory as one would expect from a male. He mixes well with all the others in the house, greyhounds, lurchers, pointer and jack russell. Ralph will truly improve anybodies home life if included into their family. There was at first a small bit of counter surfing but he is learning very quickly and now stands watching and waiting as we prepare the food for all the dogs without trying to sneak some early for himself.
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Great Hounds in Need are Registered Sellers or Suppliers of Pet Animals VPT200001C in accordance with Animal Health and Welfare Regulations 2019
date of birth:2019-03-21
chip: 972274000532893
tattoo: UD LLD
vacinated: yes
neutered: yes
possible arrival:
status: temp.reserved


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