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Minnie the Minx (greyhound)

second name:Minnie the Minx
Joined #GHINFamily - 27/06/2020
Height : Circa 65cm
Children : Not tested but we don't see any problems.
Small Dogs : Okay.
Cats : Not tested.
Injuries : Minnie had a permanently dislocated toe on her front right inside that we have since had removed.
Character : Minnie is a wonderfully friendly girl is a bit of a queen. She used to be in and out of the house where she came from and she is so easy to be around. However, she needs to be the boss if there are other females in the pack. She mixes well with all the dogs that she runs out with but of course everyone was introduced carefully as we always do here. She makes noises (grunts and growls) which we call just grumping, when first let out but this is just an attribute of her and only is for a moment or two. Her previous owner was going to have her put to sleep because she kept bumping into other dogs on the track and causing issues. This was of course due to her dislocated toe.
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date of birth:2016-07-04
chip: 972274000357790
tattoo: RN YKR
vacinated: yes
neutered: yes
possible arrival:
status: temp.reserved


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