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Steven (lurcher)

second name:
Height : 72cm approx
Children : Not Tested
Small Dogs : Okay with our Jack Russell
Cats : Not tested yet but did want our chickens.
Injuries : None that we have been made aware of or noticable.
How Obtained : Came from the pound after serving his time.
Character : Where to start. This boy is a strong silent type who likes to be outside as this is what he has been used to. He goes under the van like it is all he knew for shelter. He is very accepting of friendship and everyday is happier than the previous one. He can jump over high fences so best to have him not want to leave. Due to how he behaves we have decided that he must be an older boy and so we are placing him at 5 years old - he could be a year or so older or even younger. He just seems to have so much sense and experience that nothing bothers him. Yes - we like him a lot. Can you?
Other Info : 972274200050903
Enquiries from Ireland and UK :
Enquiries from Scandanavia via our partners in Sweden, Friends Forever :
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Enquiries from Slovenia via our partners Hrtji Svet Slovenie :
Great Hounds in Need are Registered Sellers or Suppliers of Pet Animals VPT200001C in accordance with Animal Health and Welfare Regulations 2019
date of birth:2015-08-22
color:White and Brindle
chip: 972274200050903
tattoo: no
vacinated: yes
neutered: yes
possible arrival: prosinec 2020


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