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Joy (greyhound)

second name:Dungill Joy
Joined #GHINFamily - 27/04/2022
Height : circa 65cm
Children : Not Tested.
Small Dogs : Yes.
Cats : Yes but she was a bit afraid of the cats at first so careful introductions.
Injuries : None we have been made aware of or seen.
How Obtained : Brought to our vets to be PTS
Character : Joy is a beautiful soul and loving greyhound. She is a bit nervous at first so a calm and confident attitude is a good thing to have. True with any dog really. She very soon will trust you and the situations and new dogs/cats but make certain toi let her have that time to adjust and it will be worth it. She is happy, cheeky (steals food and toys and items for collecting in her nest) loyal, attaches to her humans and loves loves loves to be cuddled and hugged. Probably not suited to busy streets as they would have too many things to worry about for her. She walks well on the leash, eats great and is clean in the house for us anyway. She is named well because she brings so much Joy to those who love her.
NB :: Being a greyhound/sighthound means potentially could go into hunting mode if sees small animals running. We are now putting this warning with all of our sighthounds and does not mean that this particular one is this way - just a warning to introduce carefully and be watchful.
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Great Hounds in Need are Registered Sellers or Suppliers of Pet Animals VPT200001C in accordance with Animal Health and Welfare Regulations 2019
date of birth:2020-07-10
color:Black and some White
chip: 977200009731655
tattoo: VB VML
vacinated: Yes
neutered: yes
possible arrival: Booked for Germany and GPI
status: reserved

pejsek v útulku - obrázek
pejsek v útulku - obrázek
pejsek v útulku - obrázek
pejsek v útulku - obrázek
pejsek v útulku - obrázek
pejsek v útulku - obrázek


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