Who is a lurcher?

Because lurchers are a crossbreed there is no set type, so they can be as small as a whippet or as large as a deerhound; but most are chosen for a size similar to that of a greyhound, and a distinct sighthound form is preferred.

The coat type and upkeep requirements will vary depending on the type of cross. Coat types range from short and smooth like that of a greyhound, to slightly longer and thicker like that of a collie, to rough and broken like that of a terrier.


Is depending on typ of cross. Many lurchers have temperaments that very simililar to purebred sighthounds like the greyhounoud, but some have temperaments that are influenced by other breeds like herding breeds and terrier breeds.

Why do they need help? What is the main problem of lurchers in Ireland and UK?

The lurchers have their own sad story. Racing greyhounds can be identified by tattoo inside the ears, but the lucrhers hav not any identification and they still are not recognized as a breed. They are usually in the program of adoption at the kennels in these countries, but problems find them home here,many people have prejudices of lurchers nature and origin.
„Some kind of people“ used them for hunting / poaching and the end for lurchers is not often happy. If doesnt find stray or injuried and také them to kennel, where they at least have a chance to find a home in adoption program.

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A little bit of history

Queen Elizabeth the first banned commoners from owning greyhounds during her reign leading to the creation of lurchers, a cross-breed of greyhound with another dog which evaded the ban. In time poachers and hunters discovered breeding of certain breeds with sighthounds produced better dogs for the purpose. Many lurchers were bred in Ireland and Great Britain by the Irish Gypsies and travellers in the 17th century. They were used for poaching rabbits, hares and other small creatures. The name lurcher is derived from the Romani language word lur, which means thief. The travellers considered the short-haired lurcher the most prized. The lurcher is rarely seen outside of Ireland or Great Britain, but is still common in its native lands. The collie crosses were often not large enough to do the work the lurcher was intended for.

What are lurchers really like?

Lurchers are intelligent, gentle and affectionate dogs with a natural willingness to learn. It should be remembered that the Lurcher was originally bred to work and hunt. In summary, the Lurchers makes a wonderful family pets and like kids as well.

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