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12 greyhounds

December 7th and 14th 2011 12 earmarked greyhounds ended up in the dog pound in Slane, most of them in a bad shape.

We reported these cases to the IGB and asked them to investigate.

IGB's reply was that the dogs were in good condition.

It seems to be we have to deal with two paralell realities here.  Cool

We (myself personally and/or our voluntary helpers) saw all of the dogs.
I saw a group of them myself in the pound, and with friends we transported some of these.
Every one of them was infested, really eaten by fleas, dirty, very, VERY smelly.

Two of them were very weak, they needed to be carried to the car.

One female was truly underweight, she was only 19 kg. Her earmarks are JK XJS, brindle, born 22.02.2009

One female was in pup, her earmarks are DT RXU, white and fawn, born 20.02.2005
Many of them had rotten teeth and serious digestive problems.

We DO NOT blame the pound, these dogs spend only a few days in there, we took them out together with other rescues. There is no way they would come into this condition during a few days in the pound.

Their veterinary bills were, of course, very high and the standard bills as for the neutering, vaccinations, chipping, deworming, food etc. had to be paid of course too, this prior to  the re-homing and transport costs - next big costs to our organization.

Actually: Who ever the owner of these dogs was - how come noone was penalized? Prosecuted?
No one was named?
Will this person get new greyhounds to dump them later in a desperate state again?
For how long will this be legal and acceptable?

foto: Clea  taken from the pound, her weight was only 19 kg
foto: Clea  in foster
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