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January 2012 A greyhound female was thrown over the fence to the garden of a friend of ours, she was so weak she could not walk. Stiff.

She spent 5 days in intensive care at vets on drops and medication. Then she went to our foster home in Dublin.
In her 1st days she was freaking out everytime when touched...

We did report this case and did provide all the details to IGB. When and where the dog was dropped over the fence, in what state she was, what her earmarks are, when she was born. A steward was sent to our foster home.
Two months later we are still waiting for a feedback. We did not receive any outcome.

Phoenix details are:
racing name: none
earmarks: KS UPB, black female, born 10.10.2010

Who will be responsible?
How come greyhounds are thrown over people fences?

foto: Phoenix  
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