Leaflet - Adopt a greyhound

Greyhound as pet in Ireland

Every year, thousands of greyhounds are slaughtered in Ireland. No longer required, they are dumped, abused, abandoned or killed. Considered a commodity, and not a living being, greyhounds are the most abused of all breeds of dogs. They are born to be used by humans, most never knowing any kindness or comfort.

The average lifespan of a greyhound is 13-14 yrs. In Ireland, this average is 3-4 years.

More and more, people are becoming aware of what fantastic pets these magnificient elegant creatures, who were once only good enough for royalty to own, can make.
But we have a long long way to go.

Greyhounds make wonderful pets, they are calm, loyal and easy to manage and they will love you unconditionally, when shown the kindness and love they deserve.

Open your heart and your mind and make the difference to these tortured dogs.

Please adopt a greyhound.

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Adopt a greyhound

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