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Just an add on

A breeder was offering a lame, underweight greyhound puppy over a buy and sell website.

From the short video clip added it was obvious something was seriously wrong with her back left leg.

She came into our care and was fostered by two great ladies in Ireland.
Now is she in a foster home in Czech and her operation (hip joint recection) was done on April, 3th.

Her hip joint practically did not exist, her femuris badly damaged.
The reason was an injury and subsequent infection she got when she was a little puppy.

Tee was never earmarked - so "technically" she does not exist in the system...

But she does exist for us, so do the many others left unaccounted for... ♥

foto: Tee  1st day in foster
foto: Tee  in foster
obrázek 53
Teeobrázek 53
foto: Tee  arrival to Czech
Teeobrázek 53
foto: Tee  left back leg
Teeobrázek 53
foto: Tee  x-ray
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