Why in Need?

Aristocrates in Need

This story has one beginning and two possible ends. The first chapters had been written thousands of years ago.
Starring roles: Humans and Hounds.

If we say:
- Ireland… this is not only a good Whisky and green meadows.

There are also Sighthounds in Need and their sad fate.

If we speak about...
- Ireland, we are thinking of Greyhounds and Lurchers.

These sighthounds live normally for 12-13-14 years.

In Ireland the majority of them will be only 3-4 years old.

They are just consumables in there.
Now we are speaking about thousands of dogs per year.
Adoption is their chance to live.

This story has one beginning and two ends.
It is up to us.

Altering the angle.

Options are just examples of what your subscription can buy