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Adoption? How to proceed...

Please feel free to browse through our website and get familiar with our doggies, which are looking for homes.

When clicking on a dog picture, you will get more details about the dog.There is also a button „Ask about …“ which will open a contact form for you to fill. Please fill in all boxes and do not forget to click on the „Send“ button afterwards.

As soon as we get your email and proceed it, we will contact you back.
Of course, your request is not binding in this stage.

We will get back to you as soon as possible!

If you prefer to call us, please ring us direct:
0879083244 (Paul)

We are here to answer all your questions, please feel free to ask.

Our organization is indeed located in Czech Republic, but we do speak English and German and are close cooperating with german and dutch partners and colleagues (living in these contries in question), which means for you: you do not have to go anywhere, not at all to the Czech Republic and you do not have to speak czech a single word!;-)

Erna: +31 541 511 664

Next we will ask you to fill in our Rehoming Questionnaire, which we normally send you via email. This is helping us to know a little bit more about you.
If everybody (= you and us) agrees the family and the dog in question fit together, we would like to meet you in person at your place now. (This is a condition.) This is so called Homecheck at your place. You do not have to be worried,it is a friendly chat with one of our partners to find out more about eachother and to see if the dog you have chosen is the right one for you and we can also answer all your possible questions.
If everything seems to be fine and settled to the satisfaction of both parties, we can proceed to the next step.

Transport Ireland, picture Lucky

Protective charge:

In the next step you will be asked to transfer a contribution fee of 250 EUR to our account. This payment is also the sign of your real and serious interest to adopt the dog chosen and means a binding reservation.
This contribution fee is not a purchase price. We do not sell dogs! It is a protective charge and it will be used to cover all nescesery expences and costs of our organization, this contribution help us to go on with our every day work.

Together we will sign an Adoption Contract, a treaty of protection.

Treaty of protection:

This contract contains all things important for dog-appropriate keeping in accordance with the animal welfare act.
For example, you are obligated to give this dog solely back to our organization in case you can not take care of him anymore.
This contract is to be signed, when we physicaly handover the dog in question to you.
We will send this contract to you per email, so you have the posibility to acquaint your self with its content in advance.

Now we will make a binding reservation.

And the last step:

In close cooperation with our partners we organize and take care of the dogs transport from Irland to the continent. The dogs arrive with a van suitable for dog transport.
The date of arrival and stopping point(s) are fixed in advance and we will let you know soon enough.
Please, understand, it can take some weeks from the point of your reservation to the time of the arrival of your dog, because we are not technically and financially able to transport each one dog separately. We have always to wait until we have found enough homes for the dogs.

All the dogs are: microchiped, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, dewormed and have tick treatment done.

You will recieve their internationaly valid Pet Passport with all nescesery details.

Questions on Greyhound adoption?

Please, write or call us.

We will be happy to help you!

Picture Lucky

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