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January 2nd 2012

10 ex-racing greyhounds were surrended by two trainers to the dog pound in Kerry. Rescue people managed to bring them to safety.

We took one of these greyhounds to our care. His foster mum named him Conan.

See a small video of him, made on the very evening he was saved from being pts.

Veterinarian opinion: trauma, he got hit or had been hit into his head.

Our foster home witnesses:
"I am in no doubt that he has been hit. I was playing with all of the hounds the other day and I caught hold of his nose very gently like I do with mine and he freaked and hid. I felt awful and went to him and cuddled him and he was fine after but it was an instinctive reaction he had. I am taking it very gently with him so as not to set anything off neurologically as he is starting to settle."

After two months in foster care:
"He is really nervous of anyone and will not go near them apart from me. I have tried to gently socialize him if someone visits, but he really doesnt want to know... and he just hides on his bed or somewhere away
and his tail is tucked right under. He is obviously ok with me and is used to my kids but is very distrustful and scared of anyone else."

Conan´s details are:
racing name: Hardy Man
earmarks: KL SIT, fawn dog, born: 8.1.2010

Who will be responsible? We did report this cause and never received any outcome.
Will his owner be able to have other greyhounds in "care"?

foto: Conan  1st day in foster
foto: Conan  after 2 months in foster
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