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A black cloud looms upon us as it does every other rescue in the country and indeed rescues all around the world. For every one dog we take out more and more come in. Its a never ending cycle. Its never a happy ending. We are always thinking about ‘the next one’
When we are asked to take a dog whether it be from a pound or from an individual the first thing that pops into your head is yes of course, but then reality sets in. Where will we put the dog? We do not have our own kennels, we rely on foster places. If some kind soul steps up and we manage to get him a foster place how will we get him there? Will someone help with transport? Ok if we can get him there, where will we get the money for chip neuter and vaccinations? If he is sick or injured how will we pay those bills? Ok so if we get him a place and get the money to do all those things what then? Will the foster home keep him long term till a home comes up or will he have to be moved around from Billy to Bob? What if no one adopts him?

There is more than just ‘taking a dog’, we have to heal them both emotionally and physically, we have to feed them, find them the right foster home that will let them bloom and grow. We have to see to their medical needs, then we have to find them the perfect home.
The one question we do not have to ask is ‘what if we say no we cant take him, what happens to him?’. We know what happens all too well.
His picture stays etched forever in our minds, the one we let down, the one we couldn’t save.
So how can we say: no...? And despite all these questions and fears and concerns we take him anyway and pray, pray some kind people will help us along the way. Pray they will see our desperation and understand why it is we do what we do, why we lie awake at night worrying about that mangy mutt in the pound thats due to be PTS any day now…

This is who we are and what we do, some understand it some don’t. Those that do continue to support us. Those that don’t walk away. There are no days off in our rescue, no sound sleeps knowing you have saved them all because you haven’t, the best you can live with is ‘I have done the best I can and I will keep trying’.

Everyday there are dogs who need help desperately. But without you we can´t help them. Without funds to look after them the way they deserve to be looked after we have to say no. How can we say no...
This is something we can’t live with. Can you?

This picture is Lady Sam before and after, this is our goal, nothing more, nothing less. To see them happy, healthy and loved.
Its not a lot to ask is it?


Please, consider donating. We rely on donations. There is no amount too small. Even 2 euro can help.
There is only so much we can do, only so many we can take, the rest is up to you.
Please if you can, donate to our account: Great Hounds in Need, Ulster Bank in Clonmel - sort code 985465 a/c number 11447075, for international bank transfers:

IBAN: IE40ULSB98546511447075
or via paypal to, or better still set up a monthly standing order, so we can be safe in the knowledge there will be something in the bank each month to keep us sustained. Doesnt matter how much it all adds up.
Thank you.

Last year we rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed over 140 irish greyhounds and lurchers.
As we speak there are 40 new dogs in our care that need our help and more and more waiting to come in (end of February 2013).

Great Hounds in Need
CHY 20300

phone: 0870987064, 0871166543


Lady Sam before and after
foto: Lady Sam before and after   This is our goal, nothing more, nothing less.
Options are just examples of what your subscription can buy