Yes, the fire is on and again. Sofar: What a crazy January!

Hello Everybody, wherever you are...

Yes, the fire is on and again. Sofar: What a crazy January!

Even though we are fully aware of the fact at the moment every rescue or privat people in Ireland involved with greys and lurchers are just full,
we have to try to ask everyone and have to try together to find a solution. Because THEY can not wait...

There is a group of greyhounds beeing surrended by owner, who can not keep them any longer. These dogs have nowhere to go.
It is approx 20 dogs, males, females, different ages, all earmarked.

At the very moment we speak about 10 of them, these are really, really urgent now.

If no solution found, they will die.

Details (sex, age and picture) available.

What sort of help is needed:
1. Permanent homes - please, consider to adopt one.
We will help you with our support and advices.
Please, note: A homecheck and adoption fee apply.

2. Foster homes in Ireland - we need people able to keep them (warm, safe and indoors) for at least 2 months - details available on request, if you can help us, please,
get in touch and we will send out our fostering form. A homecheck apply.

3. Financial support:
If you can´t adopt or foster, maybe you can help a little bit to bear the costs involved? Every little help is really greatly appreciated.
All of them has to be neutered, chipped, vaccinated, these ones who will be adopted over on the continent will need rabies and passport too. All of them will need food.
There will be petrol costs involved and of course at the end there will be transport to the final homes.

How to donate: the easiest way is our paypal:
or we can send our account details on request.

4. If nothing of above is an option for you, please, share our appeal... it is just one click, this click may save one life.

Thank you so much.

To contact us:
International: + 420 773 524 447

Please, if you can help, let us know.

(P.S. Yes, we did try to ask the official racing body to help the dogs. Guess, what the answer was?...)

Just one of the greyhounds in danger
foto: Just one of the greyhounds in danger  More information on request
Options are just examples of what your subscription can buy