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Who are the people in Great Hounds in Need, reg. charity nr. 20300

We are a team of hound lovers and our beloved hounds are an important part of our lives. Due to the joy they give us we decided to form a group to help and to rescue other unwanted hounds.

Now we are working hard to change that hope into a reality for the other great hounds in Ireland.

That is how we became a greyhounds and lurchers rescue and rehoming group.

Our organization was established in Ireland and it is unwanted greyhounds and lurchers in Ireland we focus on to rescue and rehabilitate and search out and find new homes for.

Our team are people in Ireland and on continental Europe working together.

Among the rescue and rehoming work our aim is to show people what great pets they make, what amazing creatures they are.

We do this by educating people to understand them and how to live with them.

We continue to support our families in the post-adoption period.

All our homes are subject to homechecks to determine suitability prior to adoption and we stay in constant touch with the adopters after they have taken ownership of their new pets, supporting and encouraging them, but also ensuring that the hounds are happy and secure and loved in their new homes.

All our adult hounds are neutered prior to adoption, every dog is microchipped and vaccinated, those going to homes in continental Europe are also rabied and carry an EU-pet passport.

Over the phone you can contact

Paul 0879083244

You can also write us.

Or find us on facebook.

If you want to donate:

Great Hounds in Need, Ulster Bank, Clonmel,
A/c: 11447075
Sort Code: 985465
IBAN: IE40ULSB98546511447075

or paypal:

We can not strees enough that most of the things we do, would not be possible without support of our friends in Ireland, Czech, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, our partners, friends, and helpers and all the people, who do understand, what we do, why we do it and are supporting us.

Thank you!

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