Our cruelty Cases

We are being told that there is actually no greyhound problem in Ireland

There are maybe a few bad apples, they say...

So the question would be from what apple tree do all these dogs we see day by day fall?

Is no-one interested in removing the bad apples from the barrel to prevent contamination?

Is noone able to say NO to such irresponsible owners?

This is what we would call: Regulation. Compulsory change of ownership. Responsibility for dogs owned.

A statement from an Irish Greyhound Board Representative (February 2012):

"The IGB recommends that all owners rehome their greyhounds upon retirement from racing.

If this is not an option to an owner then they are advised to take their greyhound to their vets to be euthanised and failing this they should take their greyhounds to the local pounds where they will be euthanised by the vet at the pound."

Euthanasia as a solution in the 21st century?!


And more cases to come...


In case you would not know, what a dog pound is or you would think a dog pound is actually a dog shelter or sanctuary, please, watch this short video.

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